THE NEW Kelio Visio


Kelio Visio X4 X7 biometric terminal

The new Kelio Visio terminals are the result of an almost impossible challenge:

to design a new clocking terminal that meets the constantly changing needs of human resources departments now and in the future.

To achieve this, Bodet had to develop a smart clocking in terminal that offer additional services and new uses.

The result is the new Kelio Visio X7 and Kelio Visio X4 terminals.

They can offer proximity and biometric clocking in. But they are much more than just new clocking terminals – they are the future of human resources.

Kelio Visio X7 Revolutionary Features


The Kelio Visio X7 terminal received the Reddot Design award for its design.

Offering both a stylish design and touch screen interface, the Kelio Visio X4 and X7 terminals give your organisation a modern hi-tech image

They are not only eye-catching, but also easy to use, so your employees will look forward to clocking in on the Kelio Visio terminals every morning.

The X4 and X7 terminals also eliminate the possiblity of buddy punching, where employees clock in for other people, thanks to an in-built camera which can take a photograph of every user as they clock in.


The Kelio Visio terminals meet the modern businesses’ needs for flexibility by offering 3 operational modes that meet all current IT formats.

Kelio Visio Connected - Time and Attendance



Bodet Software revolutionises the way we use clocking terminals by offering a large range of applications.

The Kelio Visio X4 and X7 terminal are both versatile and scalable so they will evolve as your organisation grows.

Whether it’s for simply managing attendance, requesting time off, viewing results or creating meaningful management and payroll reports, the functionality offered by the terminals will result in more personalised and effective HR management.

Kelio Visio Scalable - Time and Attendance

You can customise your Kelio Visio X4 and X7 terminals using just the functions you need, so that they are simple and intuitive to use, yet effective in operation.


Kelio Visio Intuitive - Time and Attendance

With the new Kelio Visio X4 and X7 terminals, you can increase your day-to-day efficiency thanks to their intuitive and logical interface.

Its intuitive design means that intense training is not required to master the potential of this new terminal; you just need to start using it and you will quickly
understand how easy it is to operate.

The touch screen makes navigation easy.

The clocking area is easily identified by a luminous light.

The clocking results can be accessed easily and in real-time.


The Kelio Visio X4 and X7 terminals are ultra-customisable: you can install the applications you require, it’s easy to upgrade and you can even adapt the screen’s graphics to your organisation’s colours.